The manager's responsibility in the work environment

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In the lecture about the manager's responsibility in the work environment, detailed employer's various duties are described in the daily activities (work environment tasks), how delegation of these tasks can and should be done and the meaning of the concept of occupational safety offenses. The rules on sanction charges are also discussed in the lecture.

Table of contents

1.35 The manager's responsibility in the work environment

3.05 The principles of criminal liability

7.30 Work environment assignments

8.25 The Swedish work authority’s provisions

9.50 Provisions with direct sanctions

11.50 Provisions with sanction charges

16.15 Sanction charge calculation for smaller employers

17.30 Provisions with indirect sanctions

23.30 Interventions by the work environment authority/the work environment inspection

26.35 Pursuing your own work environment management

27.50 Supervision by the management

30.40 Systematic work environment management

32.25 Meet the rehabilitation responsibilities

34.00 Take "technically known and financially defensible" actions

37.50 Breaking the Work Environment Act

40.00 Delegation

43.50 How to delegate


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