The co-determination act

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In this lecture about the Co-Determination Act, these concepts and the various obligations in the field of cooperation that an employer has in practice before and in decision making are described.

Table of contents

00.50 The Concept of Co-Determination

03.10 The Concept of an Issue of Co-Determination

05.55 ”Functions” of the Co-Determination Act

08.30 Passive obligation to provide information

14.25 Duty of Confidentiality

15.55 Active Obligation to Provide Information

19.15 Duty of Disclosure

20.25 Primary Duty of Negotiation

22.55 In what cases?

27.15 When Does the Primary Duty of Negotiation Arise?

31.20 The Co-Determination Negotiation

37.45 Special "Contract Services Negotiations"

43.25 Secondary Duty of Negotiation

45.55 Union Without a Collective Agreement


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