Organisational and social work environment

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  • What is meant by organizational and social work environment?
  • How should we understand the concepts of unhealthy workload and victimization?
  • What should the employer do in response to the new rules?
  • Practical requirements for preventing unhealthy workload
  • Practical requirements regarding the organization of working hours (eg constant accessibility)
  • Clarification that victimization can not be accepted
  • Employer's obligation to investigate and remedy victimization
  • Requirements for delegation of assignments regarding the work environment and the manager's personal responsibility

Table of contents

00.25 New rules on organisational and social work environment (AFS 2015:4)

02.50 Organisational work environment

04.05 Social work environment

06.35 Specific knowledge requirements

08.40 Unhealthy workloads

13.40 Victimization

16.00 Descriptions of the term abusive behaviour in labour law

22.00 Advice on knowledge raising efforts for managers relating to unhealthy workloads and victimization

26.25 Objectives

29.50 Specific requirements = Work tasks

 31.10 Unhealthy workload

40.10 Work hours

44.25 Victimization

46.55 Clarification on victimization

50.25 Handling victimization – procedures

52.20 Investigation of victimization

58.00 Appropriate measures

59.40 Employer liability

1.01.40 The principles of criminal liability for the work environment

1.03.55 Delegating


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