Equal treatment and compensation survey

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The lecture includes the following;

  • New rules on active measures in the Anti-discrimination Act
  • Review of discrimination factors
  • Active measures in general
  • Compensation survey’s different steps and implementation
  • Equivalence assessment, work evaluation
  • Analysis of pay differences and documentation
  • Collaboration in the work with active measures against discrimination and for equal treatment
  • Supervision and sanctions

Table of contents

00.20 Changes to the swedish discrimination act with regards to active measures

02.00 Protected characteristics

07.35 Active measures in general – four steps

11.40 Active measures in general – five question areas

17.40 Active measures in general – two special tasks

21.40 Active measures in general – annual documentation

22.55 Compensation survey

28.25 Steps in compensation survey

31.15 Conducting compensation surveys

34.00 Equivalence assessment

38.15 Analysis of pay differences

42.30 Compensation survey – documentation

45.25 Collaboration in the work with active measures against discrimination and for equal treatment

48.25 Supervision and sanctions


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