Employment protection

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The lecture on employment protection deals with termination of employment, termination for personal reasons and dismissal. Particularly large space gets the questions of what determines whether a termination is based on facts and in which cases an employer is due for dismissal.

Table of contents

0.35 Termination

1.25 Redundancy – burden of proof

4.30 Termination due to redundancy

6.30 Order of priority

9.40 Reallocation

12.10 Right of priority

15.15 Termination for personal reasons

18.00 Neglect criterion ./. employee obligations

22.10 Awareness criterion

25.55 Harm criterion

27.45 Fortified employment protection

31.25 Summary dismissal

35.55 Typical dismissal scenarios

41.10 Two-month rule


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Time 44:16




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